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Eternal Return

Elizabeth Peyton, May 2020

Published by Petitcreiu Ltd. (New York)

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All images courtesy the artist ∙ Monochrome photographs by Harry Burton and photograph of Tutankhamun’s mask as colourised by Dynamichrome reproduced with permission of Griffith Institute, University of Oxford ∙ Monotypes published by Two Palms, NY ∙ Greta Thunberg and Pierre Casiraghi photograph by Spencer Platt, Getty Images News ∙ Leonardo Da Vinci’s ‘The Virgin and Child with Saint Anne’ © RMN (Musée du Louvre) / René-Gabriel Ojéda ∙ Artworks photographed by Kristian Emdal ∙ Website designed by Jules Estèves, developed by Piper Haywood with Nicolas Amendola and produced by Lara Sturgis

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